Your Patient & Provider Solution

Our vast knowledge and experience assisting clients with their Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, Medicaid, Prescription Drug Plans, Health Insurance and Dental and Vision plans have enabled us to become an industry leader in the Healthcare Call Center industry.

Health Plan Provider Support

Whether needing help with open enrollment, lead generation/qualification or call inquiry support, we specialize in providing an exceptional call experience while delivering measurable results. Our health plan provider expertise ensures confidential and secure communication due to our HIPAA compliance and have a variety of solutions customized to your exact needs.

Patient Surveys & Assessments

With new regulations and documentation requirements in the Healthcare field, we allow our clients to focus on their core competency of providing exceptional patient care while we obtain answers. Surveys, assessments, satisfaction scores and questionnaires are efficiently processed with reports available immediately upon completion for analytic review and performance measurement.

Medical Practice Solutions

Regardless of medical group size or location, our solutions for physicians and healthcare providers include appointment setting services, reach on-call support, lead capture, patient inquiries, appointment confirmation calls and patient record updates. Having experience with nationwide medical groups, our ability to provide either after-hours or overflow call support is just the start.

HIPAA Compliance

Strategic Connection provides our Healthcare clients with safe and secure policies and procedures coupled with continual staff training and awareness reviews. This includes company-wide trainings regarding information security with emphasis on Personal Health Information (PHI), and the strategies being enabled to mitigate any security issues that may arise. All of these trainings and staff education classes ensure compliance of the related obligations under HIPAA.

Healthcare Call Center Services

Your healthcare contact center isn’t just a call and messaging portal or appointment confirmation service; it’s literally a lifeline for patients. The ability for your patients to get in touch with your medical offices or healthcare centers is important for your bottom line, and it’s critical for patient trust and confidentiality.

Your patient deserves personal confidential care. Does your current infrastructure allow you to manage your demand? Strategic’s healthcare outsourcing center may be your solution.

Our expertise in the healthcare industry includes:

  • Medicare– Advantage Plans, Supplements, Administrative Processes, etc. Our healthcare outsourcing call center handles all aspects related to Medicare administration. For many healthcare organizations, this is a huge – and unnecessary – burden. Let us handle your healthcare contact center communication needs.

  • Prescription drug plans– from regional, state and national providers, Strategic Connection offers an approach to handle this ever-expanding element of healthcare. We offer healthcare call center outsourcing solutions for any type of prescription drug plans and protocols.

  • Patient communication – from inbound to outbound communication, we’ll help your healthcare call center retain a confidential presence in any medical field, from specialized services to general practitioners. This time-consuming process bogs down many healthcare enterprises. But with our healthcare outsourcing call center you’ll free up valuable time to handle other patient care initiatives.

  • Appointments – we can manage appointments with a fully automated appointment setting services or Strategic Connection’s professional live agents. Keeping appointments on track ensures better patient care, while optimizing your ability to stay active and engaged with all of your patients.

Strategic Connection offers the following medical answering services:

  • Live medical call center agents – Our staff is certified with the latest HIPAA requirements, so we’ll seamlessly integrate into your medical call center.

  • Physician answering services – whatever your medical call center services need, Strategic Connection is ready to help. Appointment confirmations, healthcare call center support, general medical answering service assistance – Strategic Connection is ready to help today!