Timing is everything, from capturing the moment a prospect calls you during lunch or upon submission of your webform at midnight. We are Lead Response Experts. It's time to see us in action.

Multi-Channel Communication

Customers expect immediate information in our 24/7 mobile environment. With phone calls representing only a fraction of potential lead opportunities, be sure to capture them all via text, email, chat and social media.

Lead Verification

Our Lead Verification expertise enable our Inbound and Outbound Agents to quickly confirm inquiries and requests for your products and services. This important step is vital to ensure prospects are correctly and accurately passed through your sales funnel for continued engagement.

Lead Qualification

Ranking your prospects to determine whether they are a hot or cold prospect comes down to qualification. We efficiently qualify your prospects to have your sales team focus on their core competency: closing the deal. Our Agents have vast experience filtering prospects depending on your requirements and can transfer them immediately.

Lead Conversion

Whether assisting your team to verify and qualify your leads, our Lead Conversion Agents are sales-driven experts that are ready to close the deal. Simply give us the green light and see the increase in sales through our performance-based results.

TCPA Compliance

Adhering to TCPA regulations is not simple as the complexity of phone data continues to evolve. Strategic Connection is a trusted expert in managing telecommunications data and partners with our clients on the best solution to align with their risk tolerance for outbound dialing.

To learn more about TCPA risk mitigation and how we can partner with you to define the best solution for your organization's needs, download the information below.

Case Study

Client Korcett
Date Dec 2014 - Present
Services Lead Response, IT Help Desk

Strategic Connection: The Leader in Lead Generation

Finding the perfect balance between your call center performance and lead generation is a challenge for any business; you want your call center to handle a heavy workload, but you don’t want to overburden your infrastructure with additional lead qualification or lead generation services.

It’s a problem that has vexed firms ever since call centers became a prominent part of customer service. But with Strategic Connection’s outbound B2B lead generation and other sales-focused services, finding that perfect balance is easier than ever!

At Strategic Connection, we realize the inherent juxtaposition with wanting to satisfy current customers while prospecting for new ones. And thanks to our outsourced lead generation services, your answering service can be modified to offer value you never thought possible. Our lead generation services allow you to cost effectively generate additional sales opportunities and keep your sales team focused on selling rather than chasing deals. This simple shift delivers a high return on time and often shifts our service from an expense you need to a profit center you can’t do without.

How a Lead Generation Call Center Enhanced Business Opportunities

In theory, a call answering service is the perfect outlet to enhance your sales activity. Most Answering Services are ripe with potential to support your sales efforts. After all, they have the automated dialing technology, man power, operational oversight and specific focus you wish you had the time and resources to deploy sales efforts with. Armed with this specific focus they offer the distinct ability to qualify inbound leads and to generate new opportunities with strategic outbound B2B calling initiatives. Yet in practical application, few business process outsourcing (BPO) firms are able to capitalize on this considerable potential to create lead generation services.

What if your call center also included a lead qualification service? Determining which opportunities to pursue is all about timing. From a prospective client contact to a random inquiry, Strategic Connection’s lean gen services allow your answering service to address client concerns and sign up new clients simultaneously.

Strategic Connection also provides:

  • Outsourced B2B lead generation – our prospecting experts and BPO service will help drive further business, even as you’re dealing with current clients.

  • Lead verification – sifting through the “noise” of 24/7 lead generation can be confusing. That’s why Strategic Connection’s lead verification services rapidly process inquiries about your products and services.

  • Continued engagement – a lead gen call center is only as good as its support structure. With built-in engagement channels (social media, surveys, etc.), Strategic Connection helps keep your customers engaged and informed with timely, well-planned contact.

  • Lead conversion – once your potential customers have been sourced and engaged, it’s time to close the deal. Converting leads requires a professional touch, not to mention the expertise to instill trust and confidence in your customers – regardless of your industry.

Lead Qualification Services – Try Strategic Connection’s Outsourced Expertise

If your business needs help with a lead generation call center, or if you’re interested in optimizing your lead qualification services, contact Strategic Connection today. Enjoy all the advantages of a lead gen call center without compromising your existing business objectives! With Strategic Connection’s proven outbound B2B lead generation capability, your call center will have more flexibility and become a superior sales support tool.

Strategic Connection’s complete line of BPO strategies will improve your overall customer satisfaction rates; but to focus on customer service, you first have to engage and retain potential clients. Lead generation services through your call center are a fast, efficient, effective way to help gain new customers. We’ve helped many firms, and we can help you, too!

To connect with one of our lead generation call center consultants, please call us at (800)-383-0515. You can also complete our client contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch. If you don’t get started today, your competition surely will.

Thanks for visiting Strategic Connection, the best call center and the leader in lead generation services! We look forward to speaking with you soon.