With over 1.6 million reservations placed in multiple industries, our Reservation Service is the most professional, efficient and user friendly online RSVP solution available. Take a look to add your business to the ever-growing list of satisfied clients.

Seminar Edge

Initially created for Advertising & Marketing professionals, Financial Advisors, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Experts, Seminar Edge has evolved into a full-scale reservation platform capable of providing a seamless communication experience with your client base through branded online portals and customized scripting.

Marketing Firms & Seminars

Professionally and accurately track response rates for your direct marketing campaigns using our proven R.S.V.P solution. Leverage our 24/7 live agent support and software to maximize show rate at your seminars. For the past 26 years, we have proudly supported some of the largest direct mail and field marketing organizations in the industry. We look forward to putting this experience and trust to work for you.

Open Enrollment

Still using sign-in sheets as a part of your Open Enrollment communication strategy? There is a better way! Let us be a part of your Annual Employee Benefits Open Enrollment communication plan to support your employee experience. Leverage our 24/7 live agent support and R.S.V.P software to enhance your employee communication strategy and drive. We take the guess work out of who will be showing up for what meeting and allow you to track participation from your dashboard.

Events & Workshops

Step out from the crowd and provide a custom R.S.V.P solution that is backed by experience. Our service will allow you to track both online and phone reservations in a single location. Our software allows you to easily integrate a professional service into your operation for high value clients. Now you can stand out and deliver a 24/7 solution leveraging our software, people and process. Our service is great for retreats, weddings and corporate events.

The Seminar Edge Advantage

You now have complete control over the customization of our reservation services to make your event as personal as you wish. Live custom scripting allows you to connect positively with your attendees and gives your company its own unique identity with little effort. With printable tablets and letters that add an extra personal touch as you reach out to your current and prospective clients, to the free message center with professional operators who are trained to answer questions with pinpoint accuracy and care to every caller, you get the most comprehensive, price-worthy and flexible online seminar reservation system around!

Case Study

Client Global Conglomerate
Date June 2015
Services Attendee Enrollment & Confirmation

Increase Attendance and Sales with Call Center Reservation Services

Seminars, workshops and other types of events offer powerful tools for connecting with interested prospects and turning them into customers. But managing the process of reservation services – accepting, tracking and organizing responses and reservations for those events – can be a costly and time-consuming process for many companies. This is especially true if your business puts on large numbers of events at many different locations throughout the country.

Spend too much time with your reservation services, and the rest of your business will suffer. Neglect your booking customer service platform, and you’ll miss out on all sorts of opportunities. There’s a fine line between responsible appointment setting services and inadequate reservation services. The problem for many businesses is finding that “sweet spot” for reservation services. Enter Strategic Connection. Our proven, multi-platform, any-industry call reservation services provide superior back-end support at budget-friendly prices.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and very cost-effective solution – Strategic Connection’s call center reservation services. Our unique customer booking service helps companies deliver a seamless communication experience with prospects and clients looking to make or confirm their reservations at company-sponsored events.

We offer call center reservation services for a variety of industries including:

  • Financial services
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Nonprofit
  • Telecommunications

Why Use Call Center Reservation Services?

Call center reservation services provide a simple and cost-effective way to increase attendance and improve ROI on marketing and other types of events.

Efficiently capture RSVPs.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s certainly true in the business world. In this realm, that first impression involves capturing key info without slowing down. Strategic Connection’s appointment setting and reservation services offer robust, rapid response for your customer service booking requirements. The most basic reservation service involves the process of tracking and organizing the names and contact information of people who plan to attend your events. We also offer the ability to track reservations online and integrate the data from one location.

Make a good first impression.

Making reservations is often the first direct contact that people have with your business or organization. Using Strategic Connection’s professional reservation service creates a strong first impression that increases the interest level of attendees and gets them excited about coming to your event. It also creates an impression of a well-managed business that knows how to treat its customers properly.

Maximize show rates.

It’s a well-known fact in the seminar industry that every event will experience a certain number of no-shows. With our call center reservation services, you can take advantage of live agent support and software to maximize attendance by calling to remind people and get them excited about showing up. You can also accurately track response rates and use the data to adjust invitations, advertisements and marketing messages as needed.

Personalize your event.

Our call center reservation service allow you to customize your services to make your events more personal. For example, you can:

  • Write custom scripting to connect with attendees while creating a unique identity for your business.
  • Use printed letters and tablets to reach out to customers and prospects with highly personalized invitations.
  • Provide a message center staffed with trained operators to answer incoming calls about the events you put on.

Even though it’s an outsourced service, using Strategic Connection’s call center reservation service puts you in control of the process. Outsourced service, in-house expertise, unmatched customer support – with Strategic Connection, you have it all! Contact our team of reservation services associates today!

Improve Your Open Enrollment Process

Start using reservation services to manage your annual employee benefits open enrollment process. This involves everything from communicating the plan to live 24/7 call agent support to setting up and tracking individual appointments for employees to meet with advisors who can help with their health insurance decisions.

No matter what type of seminar or event you use them for, Strategic Connection’s reservation services take the guesswork out of who will attend and make it easy to manage the information to improve your marketing efforts.

Strategic Connection: The Clear Solution for your Reservation Services

With Strategic Connection’s business process outsourcing (BPO) reservation services, we’ll handle all of your customer service booking needs. Whether you need a viable appointment setting service or a complete call center overhaul, we’ll help get you headed in the right direction.

Fill out our customer contact form, and our reservation services consultants will reach out with practical, affordable solutions. To speak with our reservation services experts, give Strategic Connection a call at (800)-383-0515. Thanks for visiting Strategic Connection!