A Full-Service Customized Engagement Communication Company!

We take pride in being among the industry’s best in enhancing customer satisfaction for both employees and the small to mid-sized business clients we serve. We work to ensure consistent and personalized customer experiences. We create improved customer outcomes through highly skilled sales development representatives’ (SDR) talent.

We incorporate SDR’s knowledge with today’s best technologies to forge top custom practices in the industry! Your SDR works directly to resolve your unique business challenges.

Strategic Connection keeps satisfied customers through automation, using current technologies to provide highly effective customer interactions.

Today’s Communication Center

Our center has three major communications division services: Dialing Services, Composition, and Social Media.

Dialing Services include inbound and outbound phone calls. Composition consists of Graphic Arts Design, Newsletters (video and traditional email campaigns), Technical (white papers, research and copywriting. Social Media includes social media monitoring, website design, chatting and texting services.

We are the complete communication service.

About Call Center Services

Our shared agents work on multiple projects and receive account specific training to support your business. Our training, software and quality process ensure that we provide a high touch service while being able to effectively answer your calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our shared agent model offers your business the flexibility to only pay for labor when it is needed; allowing you to avoid the high cost of inefficiency and still be able to absorb spikes in call volume during and after hours. Our dedicated agents work exclusively for your business and receive targeted training on your products, services, and customers. We offer inbound call services such as:

  • Lead qualification. Agents engage with callers to ensure they match your targeted customer profile and where they fit in the sales funnel.

  • Inbound Sales. Agents take your callers through specified needs analysis and close deals, allowing you to easily expand your sales team.

  • Technical support. This call center service uses highly-trained agents to provide product and service support to technology customers.

  • Help desk services. Ideal for companies like health insurance and financial services where callers may need help with their accounts or understanding the complexities of the service offering.

  • American Call Center. Today it's rare to find call centers located in the USA. Look no further.

  • Customer service. Agents take orders, answer questions, make product/service recommendations and resolve problems in a professional manner.

  • Reservation services. Ideal for companies that invite people to seminars or other events, this specialized service simplifies the process of accepting, confirming and tracking reservations.

  • Order processing. Call agents ensure that your products and services are quickly and accurately processed for on-time shipment.

  • Direct response and media support. This service supports your marketing and advertising channels with dedicated toll-free numbers to your call center agents.

  • 24/7 Call center services. Agents provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that engage in 24/7 phone commerce.

  • Customer Surveys. Gain valuable insight on how your clients view you.

  • Bilingual Call Center Agents. Need agents fluent in a specific language? No problem! Strategic Connection has agents perfect to help you no matter what the language.

  • Small Business. Call centers aren't always for large businesses. We have plans perfect for any small business.

  • Virtual Receptionist. Our agents become your own personal virtual receptionist.

Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound calls are conducted by dedicated agents who receive in-depth training on your products and services. Outbound call services typically include:

  • Lead generation. Increase the number of incoming leads, allowing your sales team to close more sales.
  • Market research. Gather business intelligence on customers and their buying preferences.
  • Telesales and upsells. Increase average sales per transaction by recommending and upselling additional products or services.
  • Surveys and feedback. Learn what customers think about your product or service offering and your business.
  • Customer retention. Help lower customer acquisition costs through timely after-sales follow-up and targeted marketing messages.
  • Appointment setting. Improve the low conversion rates of cold calling by using a call center to set appointments with prospects.
  • Scheduled callbacks. Organize, track and make customer call-backs to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Call Back Services. Follow up with clients and leads with reminder calls, appointment setting and more.

From generating and tracking leads to creating more sales and satisfied customers, Strategic Connection call center services offer a cost-effective tool for growing your business.