extended sales force services

We provide inbound and outbound calling as an extension of your team. We select from our knowledgeable staff those best fit to represent your product or service needs. Those selected are then trained to understand the specifics of your company and team philosophy. Your hand selected representative can manage reservations, order taking, lead generation and even handle programs regulated by HIPAA.

We are identifying a seasoned sales person to place calls on your behalf. Your designated team member is trained ... Refresh sales personnel, remain current with needs of client.

Digital Campaign management

We help you tell your best story on the digital platform. We help create the strategy, content and visuals behind the campaign to bring you the most impact. Everything from engaging newsletters to video creation, we can help your customers stay engaged in your brand.

Web Design & Creative services

Let us help you and your clients tell your company's story through your website. We can help you create the website and graphics you need to drive traffic and business to your page.

Content marketing

Cut through the noise with the creation of high-quality content that is personalized for your target audience. We provide content creation to the final graphic deliverables.

SMS & Chatting services

Your client needs you now and we are ready for them! Let us handle those important and instant interactions via SMS and chatting services with the quality customer service you are proud to offer them. Using our cutting edge SPEECHLESS technology, we are able to handle any text messaging needs with the provision of live agents to provide immediate responses.