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Your Patient & Provider Solution
You care for your patients, we’ll take care of the calls. Streamlined and hassle-free, our HIPAA-compliant services bring customized support to providers large and small, and a personal connection to each of your patients. From appointment setting and client surveys to updating patient records, our fully-trained team is ready to seamlessly integrate with your medical practice so you can put your attention where it matters: on the patient.

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Peace of mind, for your clients and your company. Our agents at Strategic Connection can transfer leads, funnel sales, manage peak enrollment periods, and more, all while providing your current and future clientele with the optimal customer service experience. With proven strategies to maximize your conversions while lowering your rates, we’re ready to ensure satisfaction, 24/7.

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Outsource the hassle, increase your bottom line. Our expertise and professionalism step in wherever you need it most. Whether that’s identifying compatible clients, guiding potential business through the lead funnel, or addressing your current customers’ concerns, we provide efficient and proven solutions guaranteed to increase your company’s ROI.

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You can retain us as your 'at need sales team' to reach prospective clients anywhere and introduce your products. We can handle the process from the beginning to the end from the initial introduction to providing technical specifications and quotes for purchase. - "we can handle basic IT support."

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In almost every business it is necessary to reach out to prospective clients and introduce your solution to their problem. We can act as your representative on an as-needed, or seasonal basis, to increase the volume and quality of contacts to your prospective client base. No business is too small, or too large, to benefit from our work.