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Non-profit organizations are empowered to spark social change and positively impact communities. With our assistance organizations can increase donor memberships and creatively raise awareness for the causes that are close to their hearts. With years of experience crafting effective campaigns for nonprofits of all sizes, our team is committed to helping non-profits amplify their messages and build lasting relationships with supporters that will benefit organizations for the long term.

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Why does the non-profit industry need marketing?

Non-profits need proper marketing to ensure their message is heard and understood, and that they can effectively reach their target audience. Digital marketing has become an essential tool in connecting non-profits with those interested in their causes, as it is able to bridge geographical gaps, making the world feel much smaller.

With the right strategy, digital marketing can be used to increase awareness of a non-profit's mission, build trust between an organization and its supporters, create leads for potential donors, and amplify engagement across social media platforms. Ultimately, non-profits need digital marketing because it provides them with the opportunity to reach a wide-scale audience quickly and cost-effectively – allowing them to make a bigger impact on those in need of assistance.

Financial services

How Strategic Connection works with non-profits succeed!

Our comprehensive experience in the unique non-profit sector allows us to customize solutions for each organization, ensuring their message is heard. Every effort is made to fully understand our client's needs so that we can ensure the effective delivery of content and strategy.

Financial services

Extended Salesforce Management

Our outbound and inbound calling services can provide nonprofits with invaluable support to reach their goals. From access to a broader network of donors, or improved customer service efficiency, these solutions have proven successful for many nonprofit organizations seeking increased awareness and funding opportunities.

Website Design

Nonprofits can benefit significantly from our website design services; they enable organizations to communicate their mission, build a community, and better engage with supporters. Professionally designed websites facilitate more efficient fundraising efforts and enhance brand recognition on the web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nonprofits can maximize their online presence by leveraging the power of SEO services. Strategically optimizing content, keywords, and website structure help to drive more awareness which leads directly to donations from generous supporters.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential tool for nonprofits, allowing them to expand their reach and engage with supporters on an entirely new level. Organizations can create creative campaigns or online fundraising efforts to increase awareness of mission-driven initiatives and generate more significant support.

Content Marketing

Through content marketing, nonprofits can reach a variety of new audiences and build relationships with them. This provides an effective way for organizations to spread their message, gain visibility, increase donations or volunteers, and create meaningful connections with stakeholders in the community. Content marketing services offer nonprofits access to tools like online videos, blog posts, and social media that allow these groups to virtually outreach opportunities effectively.

SMS & Chatting

Nonprofits have the power to reach their desired audiences on a much larger scale than ever before, thanks in part to SMS and chatting services. By utilizing our practical communication tools, organizations can engage supporters more effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading them closer to achieving their goals.

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The numbers show how important marketing is for non-profits

55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media take some sort of action. (Nonprofit Source)

Nonprofit organizations have a 34% open rate for emails, putting them at number five among the 18 industry types studied. (Smart Insights)

66% of consumers think transparency is one of a brand’s most attractive qualities (Accenture)

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FAQs for marketing Nonprofits

A strong marketing presence is essential for nonprofits of all sizes and industries. Not only does it generate funds to support your organization, but it also attracts skilled volunteers who are invaluable assets in propelling further mission goals. Embracing proactive marketing strategies ensures you can make the most out of both available resources!

A powerful brand for your organization is far more than a generic logo, colors, or jingle. It's about creating an emotional bond with donors that will last and grow as they further understand the unique work of your group compared to competitors. By taking action now, this connection can return dividends again and again!

Yes, we not only design beautiful websites for our clients. We also offer a wide range of web-related services to suit your needs and bolster your success in the digital world!

We offer website development, SEO, Social media management, PPC advertising, and extended salesforce management services to our clients in the nonprofit industry.

Clients that hire us for search engine optimization, social media marketing, or PPC advertising services receive monthly progress reports. We are always looking to improve our services, and understanding insights and figures shapes future changes for better conversion rates!

There's no obligation on your end, but if you want to get in touch with us, we're always happy to take your call or email! Our experience with other nonprofits in the industry has shown how we could make things go more smoothly for both of us!

Most definitely! By optimizing their search ranking through writing content on their website that is search-engine friendly. SEO is also done with advertising on social media, blogging about relevant topics, and being active on news aggregate sites. Search engine optimization can be used to promote the software company’s marketing agenda in many ways.

Non-profits across the world are harnessing the power of social media to reach a wider audience and foster support for their causes. Investing in proper management can empower non-profits with effective communication tools, leading to increased outreach and donations.

Yes we can! Nonprofit organizations have been relying on graphic design projects to elevate their progress. Let's get in touch today and find out how we can effectively support your cause!

Nonprofit market research is the critical process of gathering and analyzing information to better understand a nonprofit's target audiences, donors, competition, advocacy objectives, and more. By leveraging insights from this type of data-driven investigative work organizations can craft strategies for creating campaigns that drive impactful results.