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The importance of SMS marketing for small businesses.

The power of text messaging is in its convenience. With most Americans owning cell phones, they are using them for sending and receiving SMS messages as well as receiving them. Businesses can keep up with the latest communication techniques by adding instant messaging and text messages into their strategy. Our SMS marketing company helps you grow your business by bringing in new customers and keeping the ones that are already there happier! We’ll help increase the bond and communication between all of those satisfied clients, bringing them back for more business!

We have a variety of SMS and chatting services for you


& Sales











Marketing & Sales

The ability to communicate with potential customers in a cost-effective manner is essential for any business. Using our cutting-edge SPEECHLESS technology, we are able to launch lead generation and brand awareness text messaging campaigns that produce immediate results. The correct technology can put you at the forefront of your industry, while also saving time and money on back-office processes such as email campaigns or print material distribution!

Critical Alerts

You can ensure the safety of your business when you are able to communicate with customers and employees in a matter of seconds. It allows you to send critical alerts and customize quick messages that will help solve critical problems or organize your team.

Customer Service

Chatting on the phone is not always enough, especially if you're dealing with customers who want quick answers and reactions. The best thing that businesses can do for their clients in this situation? Provide them access to an online chat function or SMS chatting service so they have more flexibility when communicating! Another service we offer that provides great customer service for your customers is the Extended Sales Force Management services of our live communications center.


Recruiting can be a tough task, but it just got easier with the introduction of new technology. Chatting and SMS messages allow recruiters to reach potential candidates at their convenience - perfect for those who work long hours or don't want any distractions during business transactions!

Employee Communications

There's no better way to keep your employees in the loop than with our chat and messaging services. This is a great way for businesses with multiple employees to communicate and work more effectively.

Scheduling Reminders

Imagine the logistics of running a business without knowing when your customers are coming in. Scheduling reminders can help you stay prepared for their visits and make sure they don't miss an appointment! This helps managers prepare for the visit in all aspects such as organizing inventory or billing procedures.

The value of SMS advertising is shown in these numbers

The vast majority of consumers are using mobile devices to access the internet, and this has led many businesses in recent years start utilizing SMS marketing as a way for their content or promotions.

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The numbers speak volumes:

Americans check their smartphones an average of 160 times daily. (Small Business Trends, 2020)

Ninety-five percent of text messages tend to be read and responded to within the first three minutes when they’re received. (SMS Comparison, 2021)

SMS Chatting FAQs

The possibilities of the SMS advertising space are limited only by your imagination. Explore all options to find a strategy that will work for you because this service is so flexible!

The best place to start is by reading our SMS chatting FAQs. This section will answer some of the most common questions about our services. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you start your SMS advertising plan.

This is really up to you and should work in line with the frequency that you send out your other marketing messages to customers, and the response that you receive. One of the best methods we have seen is testing different frequencies out on your audience and adjusting accordingly. Another way to connect with customers is through social media, which is why we offer a variety of social media services. Check them out by clicking here!

The limit for SMS messages is 160 characters. This makes them perfect if you want to keep your message brief and sweet!

The process is very simple, and we can show you how to use it in the best way possible.

Yes, you can! Knowing which contact numbers are clicking your messages and where they're coming from can be a huge time saver. You'll also have access to important performance details that will make sending better SMS's overall much easier over the long run!

Using our platform, you can send texts that meet the guidelines set by Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association(CTIA). We take care of compliance for marketers so all necessary information is automatically included in your messages. Additionally we maintain full audit trails from when a message starts until it's delivered ensuring legal liability issues are minimalized!

Most definitely! One of the best features about our service is that we give businesses access to forge their own personal connections with customers and clients, which includes being able to text back if someone replies to one of your texts.

This service allows you to communicate with many people at once. You'll find that the speed of your messages depends on how big of a subscriber list you have but overall they are quick and easy enough for anyone to use!

We offer a streamlined and efficient sign-up process that's convenient for you.We can get you up and running in a day or two. Get started by connecting with us now!