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The Importance of 3rd Party Verification in The Workplace

The Importance of 3rd Party Verification in The Workplace

Posted by: Ali Jaffar Zia

April 18, 2023

A strong workplace is achieved when employees are motivated, supported, and appreciated. When employers create an environment where employees feel valued and can do their best work, they increase productivity, improve job satisfaction, and have higher morale. This can be achieved through effective communication, rewards, and recognition. A good workplace also creates an atmosphere of trust, respect, and collaboration between employees, employers, and customers.

Employee screening is an important part of your employee selection process. It allows you to assess the potential risks associated with a new hire and to avoid potential legal liabilities. In order to hire employees that match your company's culture, it is important to screen them thoroughly. It is important to create a comprehensive screening process that includes background checks, reference checks, and drug tests. Additionally, you should consider asking questions that are relevant to the job position and the company’s values. This will help you to evaluate a potential employee’s skills and compatibility with the organization.

With the advent of remote employees come new ways of screening and vetting. StratVideo is a unique third-party verification tool that helps businesses screen remote employees in a very advanced way.

Strategic What is StratVideo? How does it work?

What is StratVideo? How does it work?

StratVideoprovides an easy-to-use employee screening solution. Your staff simply clicks a link, arranges a time and date, and virtually meets with our live verifier via a secure connection. StratVideo provides online verifiers, which are available in Spanish if required. Confirmation emails are sent to the participants, with recordings accessible to the client. All services are HIPAA compliant and secure with SOC2 data security, and no downloads or applications are needed. For workspace verifications, a smartphone is all that is required, while drug screening observation requires either a smartphone or a computer with a webcam and microphone. Reports are submitted daily to help you track those who have completed the verification process.

Strategic How can HR take advantage of online verification of employees?

How can HR take advantage of online verification of employees?

Human resource departments can usethird-party online verificationservices such as StratVideo in the following ways.

1.Streamline the hiring process:
Online verification of employees allows HR to quickly and accurately verify the information provided by job applicants, saving time and resources in the hiring process.

2.Enhance the accuracy of background checks:
By using online verification services, HR can ensure that the information provided by job applicants is accurate and up-to-date. This helps to ensure that the background checks conducted are thorough and reliable.

3.Improve safety and security:
Online verification of employees can help to ensure that the people an organization has hired are who they say they are, helping to improve safety and security in the workplace.

4.Ensure compliance with regulations:
Online verification of employees ensures that organizations are in compliance with any applicable laws or regulations when it comes to hiring new employees.

5.Save money:
Online verification of employees can help organizations save money by reducing the cost associated with manual verification processes.

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Final words

The 21st century is the era where you make your employees feel at home. This could be done through care and collaboration. Make sure to create opportunities for remote employees to collaborate with one another. This could be through virtual meetings, online forums, or other collaborative activities. The first initiative in this regard could be a collaborative virtual screening process. As you hire a new employee, make them feel involved using a virtual screening process. Check their workspace environment and how well-equipped they are to take on the new job challenge. This could be a great start to something big.

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