Strategic How can Law firms benefit from call management services in 2023

How can Law firms benefit from call management services in 2023

Posted by: Ali Jaffar Zia

February 10, 2023

Solo practitioners and small law firms today struggle to keep up with the demands of running a business, while still delivering an excellent client experience. This is where managed services can really help - by outsourcing specialist tasks to third party providers, like Strategic Connection, these businesses gain improved efficiency along with enhanced security measures – just two among many potential benefits.

Need a helping hand with your law firm's call management? Utilize our services for numerous benefits. Discover some of the most prominent advantages, from improved cost management and cyber security assurance to tailored customer service that meets your specific needs.

Strategic Positive ROI

Positive ROI

Firms in the legal field should be aware of how much they could potentially miss out on if leads are mishandled. A single misunderstood phone call can really add up and hurt your ROI, leaving you to wonder what impact it's having on your law firm. Investing in an expert answering service is a great way to make sure no viable clients slip through the cracks and that every marketing dollar works for you!

Services such as answering calls 24/7, providing multi-language support, converting leads during the first call, and responding to leads through multiple channels can contribute to positive ROI for your firm.

Lower your Expenses

Small law firms can benefit immensely from managed services. Rather than investing heavily in costly hardware and software, providers offer a cost-effective monthly fee to access your own infrastructure solutions - dramatically reducing overhead costs without sacrificing quality of service or reliability.

Working with a managed services provider can help law firms unlock the potential of innovation and operate at peak efficiency. This minimizes instances of costly service interruptions, while also allowing them to forego hiring new staff - resulting in substantial savings for their business.

Strategic Streamline the Process

Streamline the Process

The 2021 Legal Trends Report reveals that the average lawyer billed only 2.5 hours of an eight-hour workday in 2020, leaving precious few for practicing law and growing a business. As firms try to figure out how best to bridge this gap, streamlining workflow has become increasingly essential—particularly at solo and small practices where administrative tasks can take up too much time if not managed effectively. Maximizing efficiency in these areas will be critical for helping lawyers reach their full potential as they move forward into 2021.

By leveraging managed services providers, law firms can optimize operations and stay ahead of the curve. Automation simplifies client intake while AI-driven technology allows for rapid analysis of vast legal archives – enabling lawyers to work smarter with minimal effort.

Contact to Contract

Streamlining lead conversion doesn't need to be a lengthy process. By utilizing an answering service, your firm can reduce the time it takes from initial contact with leads to collaboration – all in one simple call! After providing necessary documentation electronically through text or email, intake specialists ensure that leads are connected quickly and securely for further progress.

Reduce intake and marketing costs for your firm today with this easy contact to contract approach!

Resurrected Leads

Legal firms may think that old leads have zero potential, but this is far from the truth. By outsourcing lead intake to intake specialists using a legal answering service or call center, those "dead" leads suddenly become valuable prospects again - giving you an opportunity for success where failure was once an inevitability. With experienced experts available around the clock making outbound calls at just-in-time intervals, these untapped opportunities can often be turned into reliable conversions and sustained growth for your business!

Utilizing Multiple Channels

Streamlining the process of lead intake is key for any successful law firm. By working with an answering service, you can guarantee that all calls and web requests will receive a prompt response - within three rings on the phone or 3-5 minutes online. This quick turnaround helps prevent scheduling conflicts and long wait times between inquiry to consultation. Furthermore, it enables specialized client transfer alerts via email, chat, or other technologies so lawyers are quickly informed about new prospective clients brought in through your channels!

Trusted and Secure Support

We take pride in our agents and want them to be successful. That's why we provide all the training needed to handle calls for different situations. We choose the best agents that are most familiar with your business or industry and provide them with all the necessary information to understand your business better. When it comes to handling secure and sensitive data, we ensure to keep your information safe. We never share or sell it, and we'll always make sure that the agents who have access are trustworthy people you can count on for your business to succeed.

Strategic Common Calls We Are Prepared For

Common Calls We Are Prepared For

We believe that our expertise in call management services can bring a unique advantage to law firms across the US. We've managed countless calls and got incredible feedback from clients on how we have helped make their lives easier!

Here are some of the of the most common cases we handle for law firms:

  • - Existing clients upset about something with their case
  • - Existing clients wanting to schedule a meeting
  • - Existing clients needing to make a payment
  • - Existing clients calling about a new matter
  • - Previous clients calling about a new case
  • - Potential new clients calling on behalf of someone else with questions

Unlocking the power of a specialized legal answering service could be your firm's key to success. From maximizing ROI and streamlining marketing efforts, to freeing up lawyer time and reviving aged leads, you can rely on this affordable solution for results designed specifically with law professionals in mind. General call centers are not equipped nor knowledgeable enough to meet these needs - investing in an intake team is costly too.

Tap into unmatched expertise with Strategic Connection today!

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