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What does a healthy Google Business Listing look like?

What does a healthy Google Business Listing look like?

Posted by: Carl Jones

May 23, 2023

A healthy Google Business listing is a key tool for businesses to reach potential customers and increase their visibility. Keeping up with periodic health checks of this profile will ensure your business remains in the front-line on platforms like Google Search or Maps, allowing customers access to vital information about you quickly and easily. With an optimized digital presence, it's easy to put your brand at the top when people are searching!

Want to bring more customers in-store, on the phone or just about your business? Then get started with a local SEO strategy that optimizes Google Business Profiles. It's essential to keep contact details current and up-to-date, confirm accuracy of store hours, and engage with customer reviews. It could be all you need to boost foot traffic!

Staying up-to-date is key for businesses to share accurate information with potential customers. Google stresses the importance of regular updates and has created a Business Profile so that companies can easily keep their details current.

How to do a Profile Health Check?

Get the most out of your business's online presence with Google Business Profile. Easily manage, edit and update all profile information from within a user-friendly platform or directly through Google Search for accuracy that helps potential customers make informed decisions about your brand quickly. Make sure to take advantage of this powerful tool today!

Contact Details

Staying on top of your contact information is key to enabling potential customers to reach and visit you. From business location, phone number or website, these details don't often change, but when they do it's vital that the first place updated with new changes be your Google Business Profile!

Business Hours

Accurate business hours are essential for customers to plan their visits and make the most of your services. Keeping updated operating times on profile platforms is key, as any inconsistency can drive away potential visitors. Additionally, be sure to alter working schedule in settings when a special event or public holiday occurs; you may even wish to set yourself temporarily or permanently closed in these cases!

Strategic Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Staying informed about what your customers are saying online is essential for business success. Google Reviews can offer valuable insights into customer opinions, enabling you to take action in responding and building a positive reputation among current and potential patrons of your products or services. Promptly engaging with both negative reviews (to remedy issues) as well as praising the positives helps cultivate an exemplary digital presence that speaks volumes to existing clientele. This action makes sure to attract even more customers!

Videos and Photos

Keeping your business's visuals up-to-date can be a great way to give customers an inside look into what you offer. While it is unlikely that the logo often changes, updating photos and videos when key changes occur like updates to locations or furniture will help keep potential clients in the loop! Additionally, don't forget about customer photos, because these provide insight into how those already patronizing your business feel about their experience with you. Videos are also a powerful addition since they allow viewers to get more details than still images do. Although they're not quite as popular in terms of Google My Business set ups at this point in time, that can definitely be subject to change in the near future.

Posts on GMB Profile

Making posts is critical for a healthy Google Business Listing. Connect with existing and new customers through Google My Business Posts! These posts are the perfect way to introduce your brand's unique identity, promote special offers and events or show off any exciting updates. With featured post visibility lasting up seven days, you can craft a message that lasts and helps create positive customer engagement every step of the way.

Strategic Profile Insights

Profile Insights

Dive into the business manager section to get a comprehensive look at how your presence on Google Search and Maps is faring. Utilize this data to gain insightful observations about performance shifts after changes have been implemented, so you can ensure success in these vital platforms!

Google My Business Insights Explained

Category Specific Features

Business owners can enhance their listings on the platform with special features tailored to suit them. Hotels, for instance, can list amenities and ratings; bars & restaurants may link menus or enable reservations/online orders while health/beauty services might add a booking button or service menu. Taking advantage of these options is an effective approach to better inform customers about your business as well as make it more convenient for them to interact. Be sure that you pay attention both when selecting your categorization and adding attributes, they could be critical in this process!

Enhance your visibility on relevant searches by tailoring how you present yourself with category selection. To maximize the impact of this, pick a specific descriptor, like "women's hair salon" instead of simply "salon". If necessary, add additional service types to your profile as secondary categories for greater online coverage.

Your Google My Business profile is essential for connecting potential customers with your business, so ensure you keep it up to date and in-line with the attributes of your company. With helpful features such as payment types, accessibility options or free Wi-Fi — as well as unique identifiers like "women-led" or "LGBTQ-friendly" — taking advantage of all that Google My Business has to offer means optimizing how visible you can be when someone's looking for a service just like yours!

Talk to an Expert about your healthy Google Business listing

Does your business have an optimized Google Business Profile? If not, it may be missing out on the opportunity to improve search ranking results and attract more customers. Even if you dedicate just five minutes of time for a health check now and then, this can make all the difference in giving potential customers greater visibility into what services or products you offer exactly when they're likely to purchase! Strategic Connection is here with our expertise related to optimal management within the new platform: we are local SEO specialists who understand how best to ensure that your Google Business Profile works as hard as possible for you. Get in touch today discover what wonders proper profile optimization can do for growing your business.

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