NYC Small Business Expo: Let's Network Like Never Before
New York City Small Business Expo - Lets Network Like Never Before

New York City Small Business Expo - Lets Network Like Never Before

Posted by: Ali Jaffar Zia

June 15, 2023

The Charisma of New York City for Business Community

When it comes to vibrant business communities, few cities can rival the charismatic allure of New York City. With its unique blend of culture, technology, finance, art, and innovation, NYC has always been a hub of ambition and opportunity, attracting entrepreneurs and global investors from around the world. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, the dynamic and diverse environment of NYC offers endless inspiration for small business owners.

Visit The Small Business Expo And Get Inspired

That's why the upcoming Small Business Expo in June 2023, held at the renowned New York Hilton Midtown, has garnered so much excitement. This event is a must-attend for anyone looking to tap into the city's thriving business ecosystem. It brings together a diverse community of industry professionals and visionaries, providing a platform for networking, learning, and growth.

Who should attend this extraordinary event? Well, if you're a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, this is your chance to connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and explore exciting partnership opportunities. Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking for industry experts, or aiming to expand your network, the Small Business Expo has something to offer everyone. Let's explore!

Visit the Small business Expo and get inspired

The Small Business Expo is an annual event that attracts small businesses from around the world and provides them with resources to help grow and expand. Attendees can attend seminars, find vendors, network with fellow entrepreneurs, talk to experts, and learn about the latest trends and best practices in starting and running a small business. The NYC Small Business Expo provides a variety of educational and professional development opportunities through dedicated keynote speakers, one-on-one consultations, panel discussions, and industry roundtables. The NYC Small Business Expo is a great opportunity to get inspired, learn about new business models, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.

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Listen to the best keynote speakers in NYC

Listen to the best keynote speakers in NYC

Some of the keynote speakers that could be heard at Small Business Expo June 2023 in New York Hilton Midtown include:

  • Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc., which provides personal and professional development training
  • Dennis Lower, CEO of Cortex, an AI-powered customer insight platform
  • Brad Feld, former Managing Director of Foundry Group and founder of Techstars
  • Frederic Kerrest, founder of Okta, a cloud-based identity and access management platform
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett, chairman of C-Suite Network, an executive leadership membership company
  • Sonia Kamish, CEO of Plugged NYC, a platform for female founders and VCs
  • Soumitra Dutta, dean of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
  • Sean Murray, CEO of Visible, a full-service financial services platform
  • Natasha Lamb, MD of Arjuna Capital, a leading sustainable investing firm
  • John C. Havens, executive director of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

These talented speakers will change how you think about business management and operations.

Expand your network and market your business

Attending a small business expo can help you build a stronger network that can facilitate in growth of your business. You also get the opportunity to advertise your business to major stakeholders. We have picked out some points you may need to go over on how to explain your networking efforts.

  • 1. Utilize network and business contacts connections – Attendees of the NYC Small Business Expo will include a range of industry and business professionals from all walks of life. Take the opportunity to meet and network with these contacts and use these connections to market your business.
  • 2. Have a strong presence at the event – Have the necessary equipment and materials ready to showcase your business. Provide enough information on your business services to provoke a conversation and start a meaningful dialogue with potential customers.
  • 3. Promote in advance – Utilize your website, social media channels, and email list to promote your presence at the NYC Small Business Expo. This is the perfect opportunity to give your followers a first-look at the services your business offers.
  • 4. Take advantage of online resources – With the abundance of technology available, it's important to take advantage of online resources. Utilize the Small Business Expo web page to post pictures and start online conversations with potential clients. Another great resource is Google AdWords, that let you reach the right audience and target customers who are looking for businesses like yours.
  • 5. Follow up with interested customers – After the expo is over, make sure to reach out and follow up with customers who showed interest in your business. Set up meetings or calls in order to better understand their needs, build a relationship with them and provide information on your services.

Meet vendors to help grow your business

Meeting vendors at the NYC small business expo can help businesses to grow by connecting them with potential new suppliers, allowing them to compare products and services in person, exchanging ideas with other entrepreneurs, getting valuable advice from experts in the field, gaining exposure for their company, and networking with like-minded professionals. The expo provides a forum for entrepreneurs to find potential solutions for their current problems, create new partnerships, and explore new opportunities. It is an invaluable opportunity for businesses to reach a broad audience of potential customers and gain valuable feedback on their products or services.

Attending the NYC SBE expo can help businesses to expand their operations and gain knowledge that can propel them to tremendous success. Here is a list of vendors you can meet and partner with at the expo.

1. Digital Marketing Agencies: These vendors can help you create effective marketing campaigns to reach specific audiences and reach a more extensive customer base.

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2. Small Business Advisors: These vendors can help you with advice on how to grow your business, develop a business plan, find funding sources, and more.

3. Web Design and Developer Companies: These vendors can help you create a website for your business, develop an e-commerce platform, create digital campaigns, and more.

4. Professional and Financial Services: These vendors can help you with legal advice, running efficient finance and accounting operations, tax planning, and more.

5. Business Coaches: These vendors can provide you with one on one coaching and resources to help evaluate, refine, and grow your business.

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Unleash Your Business Potential at SBE NYC 23

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