How to Strategize and Write a Perfect Blog Post

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Posted by: Omar Elkholy

March 27, 2023

Crafting effective blog posts doesn't have to be a challenge. By simply honing your ideas and using compelling writing techniques, you can create content that resonates with readers far beyond the last line of text! So why not channel your creativity and make an impact in every post today!

Crafting the perfect blog post can seem daunting, but with a bit of dedication and the right research tools, you can join those elite writers who craft compositions that draw readers in.

Good Topics

To craft a successful blog post, you'll need to start with an interesting topic. What's more, the content should add value for your readers; that could be in the form of feedback from them, comparisons to competitors' work or addressing common concerns about your sector. By understanding what matters most and delivering on it through valuable insights tailored specifically for readers’ interests – whether they are consumers or colleagues alike you can ensure continued interest in future posts too!


When creating content for your website, it’s important to review what current best practices are in the industry. Get familiar with Google search engine results and make sure you understand your competitors' offerings and only pursue an idea if you can surpass them with a high-quality post! Even though expertise is helpful, refining research skills could prove equally beneficial when providing valuable insights into any given topic.

Strategic Research Writing


Doing research? Try creating a digital record of your key findings and outline your topic in an accessible place like Google docs. It's the perfect way to protect all that hard work you're doing!

Draft your Post

Writing a post doesn't have to be complicated! With an outline ready, you can sit down and get straight into the action by drafting your content directly on a website like WordPress. This eliminates time-consuming steps like copying and pasting later so that you can focus more of your attention on what truly matters: crafting quality writing.

Hook Your Readers

Writing an engaging introduction is essential for getting your readers hooked on the content that follows. To capture attention and set expectations, consider asking a problem-based question to begin with; this way, the reader knows they'll find helpful answers by delving into your post in more detail. Creating compelling introductions can be difficult. If you are stuck, try writing out the main body of content first before coming back to construct it later! Taking time away from drafting will allow fresh ideas to flow which could influence how you effectively spark initial curiosity amongst those reading online.

Strategic Hook your Readers

Relaxed Tone

Style and tone can give your written content a powerful boost – it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Incorporating conversational language into your writing is an effective way to make readers feel engaged in the dialogue of a post rather than as if they are distant observers.

Your readers will feel connected to you when they realize that your advice is derived from genuine experience. By taking a personalized approach, you'll cultivate meaningful relationships and establish yourself as an authority on the topic—all key elements for cultivating loyal readership.

Make it Scannable

For readers in a hurry, efficiently formatting your blog posts is key. Readers are more likely to stay when posts feature visual elements that help them quickly find the information they need – and you can make this happen with just a few simple steps! Think short sentences, headings & subheadings so ideas stand out at first glance, bulleted lists for quick skimming of important points. These will all give those valuable seconds back to time-pressed readers.

  • Simple sentences- Efficient communication requires concise sentences; when it comes to reading and comprehension, brevity is often key.
  • Subheadings- Keep your readers in-the-know with subheadings that provide a roadmap of the topics being discussed - effortlessly keeping your post on track!
  • Short paragraphs- Breaking up your paragraphs is essential for ensuring that readers can quickly and easily digest the content. Opt for 2-4 sentences in most of your writing, with occasional 1-sentence breaks to draw focus — this will create a compelling read!
  • Bullet points- Bullet points are an effective way to ensure clarity and precision in your message. They help readers easily scan the list, improving readability for all audiences.

Use Images

An interesting image is the key to making an otherwise dull post come alive. A single photo or screenshot adds depth and context, taking your readers on a visual journey that will keep them engaged for longer.

Strategic Call to Action

A Call to Action

Engage your readers and drive traffic to your site by creating an effective CTA. Encourage users to join discussions, sign up for newsletters or special offers, or download documents. Whatever it takes to make them part of the conversation!
Ask readers to:

Share a post on social media
Leave a comment
Sign up for an email newsletter
Buy your product

Get your readers to take the leap and focus on one CTA. Tap into their motivations by highlighting how taking action can benefit them; what's in it for those reading? Make sure they see why responding is worthwhile!

Featured Image

Make a splash with your blog post and grab readers' attention in just two seconds! Crafting an eye-catching featured image is key for increasing clicks, shares, and engagement. Leverage platforms like Shutterstock or Unsplash to find the perfect visual asset – plus tips from Canva if you need edits or additional help creating stand out visuals. Start engaging more users today by crafting great featured images that capture their curiosity!


If you're putting valuable content out there in your blog but aren't seeing the traffic growth that you want, it could be due to a lack of SEO! By making sure each post has an appropriate focus keyword and fascinating title – as well as creating text with at least 1000 words – plus optimizing images before uploading them, all these steps will put together for blogs worth reading. With All-In One SEO plugin installed on your site, which does some work for you automatically too; getting those extra readers is just around the corner!

With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to crafting an eye-catching, interesting, and informative blog! If you enjoyed this blog, check out our other blogs on SEO, how to make an effective website for your brand and more!

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