Crafting a Compelling Promo Video for Your Brand
What to include in a promo video of your brand?

What to include in a promo video of your brand?

Posted by: Omar Elkholy

March 24, 2023

Promotional videos are the perfect way to get your message out there, attracting audiences and driving them towards a specific marketing initiative or event. Showcase your brand or event to the world with a creative promotional video. A solidly crafted promo is an engaging way to draw attention and get customers interested in learning more. Promotional videos are an effective way to draw in potential customers, as well as remind existing ones why your brand is worth the investment. Perfect for introducing first-time viewers or reawakening interest among those already familiar with you. Let's make sure everyone knows what you have to offer!

What makes a compelling promo video?

Crafting a compelling promo video can be the difference between drawing in customers or merely piquing their interest. Learn what it takes to create an engaging promotional experience that resonates with viewers and entices them to take action!

1. Keep it simple
Think of your event promotion video as a sneak peek that gives guests an insight into the experience they can look forward to. Showcase what will be there from vendors, activities and entertainment to when it's all happening! With this teaser, you'll have everyone buzzing with anticipation in no time.

2. Think like a movie trailer
Your promotional video shouldn't be a detailed analysis of your product or services. Instead, you should go for quick and creative cuts combined with captivating sound bites to grab viewers’ attention and draw them in. Make your promo video an irresistible trailer—quickly captivating viewers with fast paced cuts, attention-grabbing sound bites and titles that drive home the promotion or event.

Strategic promo video brand key elements - Think like a movie trailer

3. Utilize Visuals
Give viewers a timely incentive to take action with a visually striking call to action. Whether it's an event end date, promotional period deadline or discount code, reinforce the message with strategically placed titles for maximum impact! Incorporate titles that will draw attention and ensure what you want remembered is never forgotten.

4. Create several versions
Get creative with your promo videos by crafting alternate versions of the same content to keep your customers engaged and up-to-date on any time sensitive promotions. Multiple edits can help you make more impactful connections through varied messaging!

5. Use promos for your business
Promo videos don't have to just be for special deals or events. They can also help you tease and highlight important aspects of your business. Showcase what makes it unique without breaking the bank!

Strategic promo video brand key elements - Use promo video for your business

Where do you start?

Promo videos are an art form, but like any craft they require dedication and effort to create something effective. Here are a few tips below so you can get started right away! Our guidebook will provide the general understanding of different aspects that come together when creating a promo video before delving into each one in further detail

Create an unforgettable experience for your audience by focusing on the basics of what you're promoting. Make it engaging and playful, designing something memorable around a holiday or event theme. Even if there isn't any such association, focus on commonly felt pain points to emphasize its importance . Select 3 to 4 key takeaways from your promotion that will capture their attention: be sure they are connected with core values like reliability, convenience and cost effectiveness as demonstrated in this example.

A successful promotional video should be brief and to the point. While up to a minute and a half is acceptable for some events, thirty seconds or less captures attention more effectively, especially if the promotion message is relatively simple! Along with planning out the script ahead of time, it's important that visuals are planned as well; from utilizing graphics/title cards or even montages displaying your storefront/products, storyboarding beforehand helps you hit the ground running when it comes time to film!

Make sure your event promo is as effective and engaging as possible! Break down the key elements of past events to ensure that assembly for your editor is easier. If you're looking to create multiple versions, come up with simple variations on a theme or idea so all can be shot together; this will help keep production costs lower while providing diverse promotional materials.

Bringing your vision to life by shooting on location is the best way to get an authentic and engaging video. Whether it be in a store, office or event setting, you are one step closer towards achieving greatness!

Before you begin filming, secure the ideal locations to best accentuate your abstract or narrative-driven promo video. Think outside of the box! A blank canvas studio space can provide an excellent background that puts additional emphasis on what makes your product unique and exciting. Once all filmed footage is collected it's time for post production! Whether novice or expert with editing technology make sure to explore our provided link for full breakdowns of this stage in order to masterfully deliver that finalized promotional masterpiece.

Graphics are a great way to drive home essential information in your promo video. By incorporating graphics into the storyboarding process, you can ensure audiences don't miss out on key sale dates, deadlines and discount codes. This makes sure no detail goes unnoticed! Creative visuals make for an eye-catching final product that will draw viewers in and keep them informed at every step of the journey.

Strategic promo video brand key elements - Storyboarding

What happens after?

Your video is complete and ready to be shared! Maximize its reach by using some of the tried-and-true techniques for promotional success: build anticipation, reach out to media contacts, and explore social channels. All with one goal in mind; getting eyes on your amazing work.

To maximize the reach and success of your promotional video, don't forget to leverage both social media channels as well as email marketing. Distribution across multiple platforms will increase viewership while emails can drive engagement before time runs out!

Maximize your promotional reach by introducing paid advertising to the mix! Not only should you post a compelling promo video on social media, but also use retargeting ads to re-capture those who open your email. Additionally, make sure that any time-sensitive promotions are highlighted prominently across all of your online channels for maximum exposure.

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