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How Virtual Screening Transforms the Hiring Process: Saving Money, Time, and Ensuring the Right Fit

How Virtual Screening Transforms the Hiring Process: Saving Money, Time, and Ensuring the Right Fit

Posted by: Ali Jaffar Zia

April 21, 2023

What is employee screening?

Employee screening is the process of verifying the background of an individual before they are hired. This can include checking an applicant’s qualifications, criminal record, previous employment history, and other relevant information. The purpose of employee screening is to ensure that the individual is suitable for the job they are applying for and to protect the company from any potential legal issues.

Another type of screening is done by intelligent businesses that hire remote employees. That is called a third-party virtual screening. Let's understand more about it.

Strategic Hiring remote employees

Hiring remote employees

It is crucial to identify and clarify your needs before you search for a remote employee. What type of role are you looking to fill? What skills and experience are necessary for the job? What kind of schedule will the remote employee be expected to follow? You should have answers to all these questions.

Once you’ve determined the job's requirements, create a posting outlining the position and its responsibilities. Make sure to emphasize that this is a remote position and include details about how you’ll communicate with the employee. Many job boards are online specifically dedicated to remote jobs, such as and Even Linkedin and Indeed have gotten in on the remote hiring craze by adding remote location filters to job searches.

During the interview process, make sure to ask questions about their familiarity with remote work, as well as their availability and work style. Once you’ve selected your remote employee, provide them with the onboarding materials they need to get up to speed.

Strategic Workspace Verification for Remote Employees

Workspace Verification for Remote Employees

It is vital to screen the working environment of all remote employee. Lighting is an essential aspect for any home office. Proper lighting is necessary for remote workers to be successful in their roles, as it can not only help avoid eye strain but also help create a more pleasant working environment that can lead to better performance and satisfaction. Having a workspace at home with the features of a suitable office desk and being free from distractions is essential for any remote worker to be as productive and efficient as possible. A closed door in a remote employee's home office can offer much more than just privacy and peace - it can also safeguard the security of confidential information while allowing the worker to focus and be more creative, productive, and resourceful.

How can virtual screening help remote employees?

It is important to make your employees feel at home in the workplace. This can be accomplished by fostering a sense of care and collaboration. Offering remote employees the opportunity to collaborate on projects through virtual meetings, online forums, and other activities is a great way to do this. Additionally, a virtual screening process for new hires can be implemented to ensure they have the necessary tools and environment to take on the job. This could be the start of something great!

Did you know virtual screening can also be a money saver for businesses? By hiring a third-party verification company like StratVideo, you can outsource the entire screening workload and wait for the results. These results come to you using a secured and protected platform. While outsourcing your employee screening to a third-party company, you can use this time wisely on other HR projects.

Types of Virtual Screenings offered by StratVideo

You can perform multiple types of virtual screenings using the StratVideo verification tool.

1.Workspace verification
2.Drug screening observation
3.Workspace & Drug Screening verifications

Learn more about these here.

Final Words

Virtual screening has transformed the hiring process for remote employees. It saves businesses money and time while ensuring that the right fit is selected for the job. With virtual screening, businesses can verify an employee's environment, which is crucial for remote work success. StratVideo's third-party verification service ensures that employees’ remote workspaces are equipped for optimal productivity and that the onboarding process complies with the company’s standards. Virtual drug screening observation is another service that assures employers that they are providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. As remote work continues to rise in popularity, virtual screening will become an essential tool for businesses looking to hire the best candidates for remote positions. So, consider implementing virtual screening in your hiring process today and experience its many benefits.

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